Archetype of the Spirit

Book design by Amy Fischer


Visioning Human Wholeness

by Peter Richardson



Archetype of the Spirit  explores the beginnings of our spirituality in primeval times many thousands of years ago and today in the developing consciousness of every individual.  At no point in human history has it been more critical to differentiate in our consciousness the full spectrum of our spiritual potential. The discovery of the Archetype of the Spirit in pre writing, pre alphabet, time highlights how a model for spiritual growth unfolds in consciousness itself.

Archetype of the Spirit is correlated with the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) the most widely used and trusted psychological instrument. Archetype of the Spirit works with the latest theories of Jungian function-attitudes and function pairs. It is the archetype beneath the Four Spiritualities (and thus is the sequel to the author’s Four Spiritualities: see also).  Psychological type itself originates in human spirituality.

Archetype of the Spirit provides a much needed resource for personality type practitioners, Jungian analysts, students of comparative religion and those seeking to deepen their understanding of psychology and the spiritual journey.

Quality Paperback, 159 pages, 35 color, 73 black & white photos, bibliography, index,

ISBN 10: 0-9741152-2-3 and ISBN 13: 978-0-9741152-2-1.  c. 2007.


Obelisk, Heliopolis